Pearl builds brands through the alchemy of ideas and narrative truth.

Pearl is a Los Angeles based studio, offering a background in strategic visual design. We bring experience to the table, along with a wealth of knowledge to design around the very real limitations and constraints of everyday businesses and startups. We have worked with large and small clients, Fortune 500 companies and tech startups alike on everything from foundational brand work to high-level product and beautiful UI design.

Brands We’ve Partnered with

Harmony Corporation
Ambassador Sparkle
Diamond Duck
Kreutz Airlines
Kron Wireless
Broad Burk Finance
Ericksson Credit
Grandier Co.
Jamaica International
Sesiones fotográficas
Sesiones fotográficas
Donald Simpson

Art Director, Founder

Unique style blends vintage-inspired design, modern elements and just the right amount of whimsy in a way that makes brands smart and fun.

Bianca Hammound

Brand Architect, CTO

Based in Los Angeles, Bianca works as a Developer whose work effortlessly conveys simplicity and sophistication.